Shared Web Hosting

shared web hostingWhatever your hosting needs may be, Unique Star Net Solutions is your prime provider of shared web hosting services. We are based in UK and operating in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Indonesia.

It’s always important that you should pick the location which is closer to you. You’ll not only be able to maintain the website using quicker connection, but the sit’s visitors will also be able to access the content in a faster manner.

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you choose our shared web hosting services to host your next website.

User Friendly
Our customers can manage the shared account easily using web browser with our innate control panel.

Limitless Possibilities
You will be able to get unlimited bandwidth for data transfer, email and the hosted domains, website storage, and even more!

Cloud Servers

Cloud ServersUnique Star is the right partner for you when it comes down to scalable, flexible and secure cloud server for the business-critical applications you have at your end.

We take our time for understanding the business model you are using as well as your key objectives so that we can offer you the optimized solutions to ensure your success.

Compliance, security and reliability are always our top priorities. Keeping ourselves on top of exploits, patching servers, monitoring performance, adjusting in case of failures, managing proper backups and determining the main cause of problems are some ways we use for taking your burden on our shoulders through our managed servers.

VPS Hosting

vpshostingOur clients are our top priority! Our sole focus is to deliver excellent service and make satisfied clients with reliable, fast web servers combined with friendly and helpful customer service.

Web Hosting is everything to us. This means it doesn’t really matter whether you’re some large business, small business or just the home user,

you can equally benefit from our web hosting services. Therefore, regardless of how small or large your requirements might be, we’ve a VPS hosting for your needs.